A Case of Honor A Case of Honor
Harriet Tubman
by Helene Smith
A screen play about Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad and Civil War Activity.
ISBN 0-945437-34-X
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript

Certificate of Merit, 2003 International Screenplay Competition
From American Screenwriters Association and Writer's Digest

A Case of Honor Merit Certificate


Breakfast in Singapore Breakfast in Singapore
How to Write a Novel in a Week
A novelette written by a creative writing class
by Helene Smith
A play about a romance that started on a airplane flight to Singapore involves an unusual guest of a man and woman, strangers who became acquainted with one another before landing. The surprise event takes place after they meet for breakfast. This drama was written by a creative writing class, working together to write a synopsis of the story the author, teacher created. Each student wrote a chapter, without knowing what the others were writing for their chapters. When the book was compiled, amazing results happened.
ISBN 0-945437-43-9
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript


Constantine the Great Constantine the Great
Dyed in Purple
by Helene Smith
This historical novel about Constantine the Great reveals more than the character of this world-changing emperor who ruled both the Western and Eastern Roman Empire. In describing how his favorite color was royal purple and his silk gowns were chosen accordingly, the story also brings out facts about the time in which he lived, a revolution in itself.
ISBN 0-945437-59-5
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript


Frances Francoise and What Led up to 9-11 Frances Francoise
and What Led up to 9-11
by Helene Smith
Frances Francoise, And What Led Up To "9-11" is a blend of childhood fantasies mixed with shocking reality–words used like bullets through the candid discourse of youth as an awakened spirit of the great grandfather of Frances Francoise speaks his mind. Although the girls are fictitious, he is real–the ghost of a World-renown writer whose wisdom continues to influence the World at large–the voice of an adult in the body of a child. This literary work reflects exciting, complex adventures of two girls of opposite extremes puzzled over the bizarre behavior of adults. In their brief time together they dig up the harry root of terrorism in a disturbing society persecuting the World. Along with their intriguing escapades these youths bravely do what adults have avoided for two millenniums. They openly discuss deadly, controversial issues that effect every child born into a World turned upside down. Frances Francoise reveals how radical fundamentalists hijacked three faiths having good values and turned them into rogue religiosity, thus capturing spaceship Earth and keeping it hostage in a stranglehold-pattern of bloodshed for nearly 2000 years!
Thank you letter from Charles E. Aston, Jr.
of The Special Collections Department,
University Library System of The University of Pittsburgh.
A copy of Frances Francois is now in the general rare book
collection of the University Library.
This book was donated September 2001.

ISBN 0-945437-49-8
8 3/4" x 11" manuscript
157 pages



Gentle Heart, The Life of Stephen Collins Foster Gentle Heart
The Life of Stephen Collins Foster
by Helene Smith
America's Beloved Musician
Stephen Foster, Pittsburgh's beloved composer and pianist, is the subject of this book. The cover consists of colorful stained class windows from this city's most historical cemetery. In its Foster memorial the life of this folk musician is depicted. Beautiful Dreamer, My Old Kentucky Home and
I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, are only a few songs
within his repertoire.

ISBN 0-945437-48-X
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript



Rage Rage!
An All Time Patriotic Musical
by Helene Smith
This drama involves aliens from outer space landing on the stage, with dialogue directed to the audience as well as the chosen cast. The subject involves these strangers questioning why Earthians continue to blow up each other and the only common home they have in the universe–right now the only known planet with life on it, after people evolved from millions of years starting out as bacteria. The repartee also involves archaic beliefs that keep the war-ball-of-fire rolling.
"Civil authority . . . in punishing all that deviate from religious standards they set up . . . exposes men of conscience to the rage and malice of fiery, blind zealots and dissolves every tender tie of human nature."
— Samuel West, 1776

Registered with The Writer's Guild of America
ISBN 0-945437-63-3
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript


Street Street!
A Two-Act Drama with Music
to be Produced on the Stage or Read

by Helene Smith
A soul-searching drama about street people and what they did to free themselves from their condition. Concerns America's social ills, dramatized with music and choreography. Although a downbeat subject, the plot is timely and dynamic through creative thinking of upbeat people thrown together in poverty, trying to lift themselves out of a negative situation. Involves the homeless including veterans' problems, American Indian injustices, crime, gang wars and violence. Documents a reflection of present times, with emphasis on the potential of human resources.
The Scars of the Street, Are Many — Tragic, and Deep
ISBN 0-945437-14-5
6" x 9" paperback
144 pages




The Life of Ethelbert Nevin The Life of Ethelbert Nevin
by Helene Smith
America's most Popular classic composer in his lifetime
And his relationship with novelist Willa Cather
The true life story of Ethelbert Nevin, America's first musician that was popularly recognized by European standards. Favorite songs such as Mighty Lak’ a Rose, The Rosary, and Narcissus were composed by Nevin. Strong parts for women who influenced and supported the musician all his life. A drama dealing with the frustrations of a society that did not recognize the importance of cultural talent and the negative outcome which resulted in alcohol and drug abuse. The story of a woman who not only supported Ethelbert Nevin, her husband, but went on to reform the royalty and copyright laws in Congress.
ISBN 0-945437-06-4
1985, 1995
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript


The Return of Aaron Burr The Return of Aaron Burr
O (symbol for Vice President)
by Helene Smith
The Return of Aaron Burr is a ghost story not only including his own history but the history of St. Marys, Georgia. Burr decides to visit the phantom of his law school days friend, whose historical house on the National Register is well preserved in this city on the St. Marys River situated by the sea. These two historical men reminisce about the time that Burr, then Vice President of the United States, fatally shot Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, in a duel, common at that time. Most people do not know the shocking truth of what Hamilton did to Burr that provoked the affair. The book is a true story of intrigue that reveals adventures of Burr's time that ties into an important era of America history.
"An astonishing thing happened. Author/historian Helene Smith called me, out of the blue; and after a nice
conversation, invited me to read the original manuscript of her historical novel-drama, The Return of Aaron Burr
a ghostly encounter in St. Marys, Georgia where Burr had visited his friend after retreating South following his duel with Alexander Hamilton.

The setting is the front porch of the home of Major Archibald Clark, on the mainland off the barrier islands. Clark and Burr were active in the Revolutionary War. As phantoms they sit in rockers spinning their memories of wars that hit the town hard and the lives they lived, comparing today's issues beyond their own times.
From what I observe in reading the manuscript it should be a great success on stage, radio and television, as well as a novel. It is very well researched and flows quite evenly. The author handles "Burr" in a positive light, mostly, which is difficult because he was such an enigma. The mystery of the man is the reason there are so many books about Burr! I have never been able to say that I had a "handle" on him. Oh! I've tried! But Helene Smith may have come as close as an author. One thing she is not, is an "amateur" historian! Her attention to historic facts is remarkable! Oh, and by the way the author has the same birthday as Aaron Burr. I enjoyed reading her manuscript she donated to our archives. Many thanks, Helene."
– courtesy of the Aaron Burr Accord, Historical Records Society and Gene Buck its founder, who designed a US postage stamp featuring Aaron Burr's portrait.
ISBN 0-945437-90-0
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript, triple ring
Autographed by Author

The Return of Aaron Burr Content Page in binder

Literarily Speaking, The Return of Aaron Burr: Ghostly Encounter by Helene Smith

Literarily Speaking
The Return of Aaron Burr: Ghostly Encounter by Helene Smith
Imagine eavesdropping on a private conversation
between Aaron Burr and Archibald Clark as they discuss
the monumental events that shaped their lives and
shaped the town of St. Marys.

Noted historian and author Helene Smith has
crafted pages and pages of intriguing dialogue
based on historical fact framed by a ghostly visit
between the two in her recently published
"The Return of Aaron Burr: Ghostly Encounter." ...

To read the entire article, pick up a copy of
Historic St. Marys Magazine from St. Marys, Georgia.



Where Eagles Fly by Helene Smith Where Eagles Fly
by Helene Smith
Setting is Jacksonville, Florida Where Eagles Fly is based in part on a true story. The setting takes place in Jacksonville, Florida and involves the homeless in America's largest city, according to area, versus New York City having the same distinction in respect to population. This adventure is both an enigma involving a former nudist camp and a mysterious woman. As the excitement evolves an idea develops into reality–a dream of one of the main characters, Cherokee Magee, who is a thorn in the side of Mayor Cecil B. Lockwood (fictitious character) who constantly thwarts Cherokee as he seeks help for his homeless friends in distress. Detective Devon MacFarland is hired to solve the mystery of what's going on behind the steel-walled grounds of the former nudist camp–with neighbor complaints about hearing glass being shattered inside the compound. The homeless in the cast are mostly veterans of foreign wars as well as Cherokee. A fellow veteran living on the street, Ashley Kahn, teams up with him for his life-time project. Trapeze, a former circus acrobat adds color, humor and action, as does Brutus, known as "The Fly," a drug gang leader. Cherokee's dogs, Search and Destroy, keep everyone on their toes. His life changes the most by a mysterious woman at Jacksonville Landing. A hot romance begins as a figment of imagination. Helene Smith developed and coined the innovative novel-drama, a new literary style that combines a novel having settings and scenes that represent chapters–two books in one, a triple-ringed manuscript serving as a novel and a movie. As a drama screen play there is less direction and as a novel the dialogue is longer than in conventional theater. Through this literary form, the novelist is also the playwright, an advantage to producers. This screen-play novel includes "knock-your-socks-off" solutions to hot-button issues, besides a cutting-edge plan for America's homeless war veterans and other people in despair, especially during a depression. Where Eagles Fly is second in the playwright's dramas about the homeless. The first one, Street!, takes place in New York City, a potential musical. Two different theater directors wanted to produce it but could not get the funding. The author's fifty published fiction and non-fiction books (some under three different pen names) are based on history, the arts, international peace, and the first revelation of the origin of the word race. ISBN 0-945437-61-7

Out of print

Times-Union newspaper about Where Eagles Fly and Songbird Angels for World Peace


Visions of Wisdom
by Helene Smith
This history of the Apsaalooka Nation ("Crow Indians") is illustrated with beautiful color photographs of the people, their culture, and their history. It is the first history of the Apsaalooka Nation, coauthored by a traditionalist member, one of the few who had retained his native language.
ISBN 0-945437-13-7
8 1/2" x 11" manuscript