Images of America Murrysville and Export

Images of America Murrysville and Export
by Helene Smith
Published by Arcadia Publishing.

Additional information provided by George Kukich

With the assistance from descendants of the family, we have been able to identify each individual in the photo. The photo was taken in 1926,
and the bride, Selma Kukich, was just 19 years old. It is interesting to note that the parents of both the bride and the groom did not attend the wedding. This was not unusual at the time in Export (at least among the Serbs), but is markedly different from what today's wedding industry pronounces to be the norm.

Images of America Murrysville and Export
  1. Lizzy Kudray
  2. Violet ("Lou") Visnick
  3. Mildred Kukich (Bride's Sister)
  4. Joseph ("Joe") Bellich (Groom)
  5. Selma Kukich Bellich (Bride)
  6. John Wracher (Best Man)
  7. Helen Duriscoe
  8. Martha Yakovich
  9. Mildred ("Millie") Visnick
  10. Nick Visnick
  11. Ann Wuslich
  12. Mary Bell
  13. Katie Visnick
  14. Ted ("Todor") Visnick
  15. Lena Slongo
  16. Nick Kukich (Bride's Brother)
  17. Lillian (“Lula”) Basara
  18. Nick (“Ninna”) Visnick
  19. Sam Rebich
  20. “Teddy” Visnick
  21. Mildred (“Mitzi”) Merich
  22. Dan (“Duxie”) Bellich
  23. Sam Visnick
  24. Miller Grubich
  25. Nellie Visnick
  26. Sam Wuslich
  27. Nellie Vucelich
  28. Nick Bellich (Groom's Brother)
  29. Mildred (“Millie”) Basara
  30. Miller Kukich (later changed his last name to Cook; Cousin of the Bride)