Sallie Civil War DogSallie
Civil War Dog
by Helene Smith

A documentary drama/elegy on the mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, the Bloody Eleventh of the Civil War; a true-life story of a heroic dog that will warm your heart. Today the 11th Regiment's monument with Sallie on it stands proudly at Gettysburg battlefield.
(Includes Company I, Westmoreland County, Greensburg, PA, Richard Coulter, captain of regiment, among other companies, etc.)

ISBN 0-945437-19-6
LCCN 93-23315
8 1/2" x 11" large print, paperback
120 pages, illustrated

"... awe-struck by truth and beauty of this wonder-filled book .... a poignant walk through the length of Civil War by a fine writer and gifted historian .... offers new look into that titanic struggle at ground level .... over a hundred-year-old drawings complement text and evoke a visual insight of our common past .... often want to laugh and cry at the same time .... a wrenching record of defeats and victories across a thousand rivers in poetic cadence .... has magical spell of an oral tradition spoken by Homer 2,800 years ago, the men and women in ancient Wales, as well as true stories I've heard told around campfires by original Americans in northern Wisconsin, western South Dakota, southern California and eastern Canada .... a classic to be cherished by our descendants .... the spirit of Sallie, Civil War Dog is a testament for all life — if only human beings would be as loyal as dogs, grandmother Earth could be Paradise again."
— Cy Griffin
Wounded Knee II survivor