Memoirs of Export, Memoirs of My LifeMemoirs of Export, Memoirs of My Life
by Karl Koch

Karl Koch's memoirs are more than a collection of local memories. They are a mirror of America's exciting past, stories that will astound and at times shock the reader. Karl's wife, Katherine, gave these memoirs to Helene Smith, who when she read them recognized their worth, especially for insight and a better understanding of America's struggling agricultural and halcyon mining era. It is a story that tells the joys and pathos of a community as seen through the eyes of a child of immigrants continuing into his adult life – one man who took the time to record his saga, a lifetime
of dedication.

Karl Koch's Memoirs of Export, Memoirs of My Life was written over the years and published postmortem. The stories of the coal mine town where he was raised includes exciting stories that went on over the years. These experiences include mine strikes and other problems in a coal-dust town, the type of which started the expression, "between a rock and a
hard place."

ISBN 0-945437-37-4
8 3/4 " x 11 1/4" hardcover
176 pages, illustrated