The entwined heroic life of Harriet Tubman
with her friend John Brown
by Helene Smith

In righting any history, besides changing biased language, one wrong in particular stands out - it is not often recorded why Europeans, domineeringly, took away the original names of Americans of African descent, together with First Americans, and in turn gave them Anglo-Saxon ones called "Christian names," a term still used on voter registration cards in some American election polls today. This demeaning behavior stemmed for the most part from egotistical arrogance combined with ignorance about the world's rich indigenous cultures and their value systems.

ISBN 0-945437-25-0
LCCN 98-71930
6" x 9" paperback
200 pages, illustrated



This book has won Honorable Mention in the Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition of Western Pennsylvania Printing Contest. It was a winner in the Paper Bound Book Classification.