Tavern Signs of America CatalogTavern Signs of America
by Helene Smith

Only comprehensive book on the subject. Discover where the last preserved tavern signs of America may be seen and now worth hundreds or thousands of dollars due to their scarcity. An era when tavern signs were painted by some of our early and famous American artists, such as Benjamin West, starting out as sign painters. Some tavern emblems still display the bullet holes from the time of the Revolutionary War in which British signs were shot down by patriots to the horror of the tavern keepers.

ISBN 0-945437-01-3
LCCN 87-91280
8 1/2" x 11" paperback
52 pages, illustrated



Companion History book

Tavern Signs of America HistoryTavern Signs of America
by Helene Smith

The history of America reflected on tavern signs advertising the town centers before there were court houses, schools, community centers and restaurants. A window view of what tavern life was like back when political issues were settled around a tavern table and cock fights and public hangings were the entertainment of the day - in a so-called less violent era, the good old days.

ISBN 0-945437-02-1
LCCN 88-62557
8 1/2" x 11" paperback
108 pages, illustrated