Rings, Springs, and ThingamajigsRings, Springs, and Thingamajigs
by Troy Diamond

A self-help book to aid children in avoiding the addicting habit of nicotine polluted with cancer/mutation-causing pesticides that have been banned or restricted.

A how-to book on self-esteem. How to avoid drug problems of youth in a drug oriented society. Learn with an old hound dog how it's done. The book through text and illustrations helps a child to solve problems creatively, using the most of one's ability. Research has brought out the following fact: "According to Dorit Carmelli, Ph.D., a genetic epidemiology expert at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. People who inherit the 'smoking gene' may be predisposed to start smoking, to smoke more heavily, and to have a harder time kicking the habit than those without the gene. There is currently no way to determine at birth who's most likely to become a smoker. However, in the future, experts may be able to target those who carry the gene for early intervention, such as antismoking counseling beginning early in childhood." This information makes a book such as this important in the early developing years of a child.

ISBN 0-945437-08-0
LCCN 90-61384
8 1/2" x 11" paperback
95 pages, illustrated